Quality and the Environment:

JEVI develops and manufactures electrical heating solutions to meet current regulations and requirements in all the industries in which our customers operate.

We are certified to ISO-9001PDF and ISO-14001PDF, and accordingly, we take a targeted approach to ongoing quality assurance and optimising our environmental footprint. Our ATEXPDF and IECExPDF certificates ensure that you get solutions that comply with the documentation requirements of the petrochemical industry. JEVI has amassed years of experience in meeting a wide range of standards and documentations, which is why we can meet your needs for obtaining additional certification.

Bureau Veritas

Smiley scheme ensures traceability
When you choose us to supply your production process in the fast-food, industrial-kitchen, construction, slaughterhouse or dairy industry, you get a solution that is certified for food production through the Smiley schemeexternal link, opens in new window. This ensures that your heating elements and immersion heaters comply with the industry’s traceability requirements.

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UN Global Compact
JEVI complies with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and requires that our chain of suppliers base their work on the same internationally accepted principles. We are engaged in ongoing dialogue with our suppliers and require them to document their compliance with our guidelines governing human rights, working environment, environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability Report
JEVI is a member of the NIBE Groupexternal link, which is one of the biggest suppliers of heating elements in the world. The company is listed and prepares a sustainability report every year, listing the efforts, actions and results of all its affiliated companies. Get the report hereexternal link, opens in new window.


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