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Air-cooled Braking Resistor

JEVI’s air-cooled braking resistors can be manufactured from 5 kW to 1200 kW. These resistors are used for dumping excess electricity from propellers, cranes, winches, top drives, etc.

The air-cooled resistors are stand-alone units that do not require further installation. The unit is cooled by a built-in fan. It can also be made without a fan (non-forced air cooled). This makes JEVI’s air-cooled braking resistor ideal for mobile systems, as well as installations where internal cooling is not possible.

Air-cooled braking resistors are manufactured pursuant to the customer’s specific wishes and needs. If you need a standard solution, we recommend our VLE fan heatersopens in new window (VLE-5 and VLE-6 are the most frequently used).

Air-cooled braking resistors can be placed in Safe and Ex areas (ATEX/IECEx).



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