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Alloy surcharge

Unfortunately, due to the substantial increase in commodity prices for nickel over the past few weeks, we are forced to introduce an alloy surcharge on orders with effect from 1 October 2019 and until further notice. The alloy surcharge will affect those of our products that contain nickel.

From 1 October 2019, the surcharge will amount to 4% of the invoice price for the products containing nickel and the alloy surcharge will be shown as a separate item on the order confirmation/invoice.

We hope that the raw material prices for nickel will soon normalise so that in due course we will be able to remove the alloy surcharge.




Quality and the Environment:

JEVI has years of experience in continuously working to achieve our ambitious quality and environmental goals. Therefore, you get solutions that meet the documentation requirements of your industry.


We comply with the goals of UN Global Compact, and we draw up a sustainability report which documents our efforts every year.


Engineering & Design

JEVI’s experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers will provide you with feedback to develop your solution from idea to finished product.


Design, manufacturing and testing are done at our headquarters in Vejle, Denmark, where we have gathered all our expertise.


This provides you with a flexible, well-thought-through process.




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