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Thermal cut outs

Thermal cut-outs

Thermal cut-outs are components which automatically shut off the connected device in the event of thermal overload.

If you are looking for a different type, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Item no.Description
19002120 30–70ºC, 1-pole 16A/400V, adjustable range
19002138 75ºC, 1-pole 16A/400V, capillary tube, 830 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 73 mm
19002062 113ºC, 1-pole 16A/400V, capillary tube, 830 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 129 mm
19002039 110ºC, 3-pole 20A/400V, capillary tube, 900 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 175 mm
19002047 150ºC, 3-pole 20A/400V, capillary tube, 830 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 175 mm
19002054 176ºC, 3-pole 20A/400V, capillary tube, 480 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 173 mm
19002021 240ºC, 3-pole 20A/400V, capillary tube, 1800 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 89 mm
19002161 245ºC, 3-pole 20A/400V, capillary tube, 870 mm, sensor Ø6.0 x 107 mm
19002075100–700ºC, 1-pole 16A/400V, capillary tube, 830 mm, sensor Ø4.0 x 163 mm, adjustable thermostat
19001742100–700°C, knob Ø50.0 mm