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Telco electric radiator

Telco Electric Radiators

Telco electric radiators are small, compact convection radiators which provide excellent comfort heating. Telco electric radiators have higher power per unit of length than most other electric radiators on the market.

The electric radiator is made of extruded aluminium profiles and the junction box of non-flammable plastic. This makes the radiator exceptionally anti-corrosive so it can be used in both wet and dry environments.

This is a small selection of Telco’s electric radiators. We stock all types, but these are the most highly sold.

Type T2RIB Ideal for use on ships and offshore installations. Ingress protection class: IP44. Includes thermostat, power switch and thermal cut-out. The top surface of the radiator is fitted with a protective grate to prevent it from being covered.
JEVI are the only one who, according to an agreement with TELCO, has the opportunity to offer type T2RIB delivered with an EAC certificate. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Type TU Normal-temperature range electric radiator with a thermal cut-out and for external control. For use in churches and community centres. Ingress protection class: IP22.

Type TIU Normal-temperature range electric radiator with thermal cut-out and thermostat. Like TU, it is suitable for use in churches and community centres. Ingress protection class: IP22.

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More inspiration is also available on Telco’s website.
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