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JEVI develops new technology and supplies electric-vehicle solutions to the automotive, agricultural, railway and waste-management industries all over the world. Know-how, service and product guarantees are essential parameters which explain why customers choose us to be their suppliers.

By partnering with JEVI for engine technology for your electric vehicle, you get an external supplier who develops solutions in close collaboration with you and your development department. We contribute our vast experience, technical proficiency and feedback during the development phase to ensure that you get a solution customised to your vehicle.

Our electric solutions are thoroughly tested and optimised in terms of weight, density, etc. Therefore, you get a supplier with experience of the comprehensive testing phase who knows the engine requirements.

When you choose JEVI as your project partner, we provide personal contact and flexibility in the design, development, manufacturing and testing phases which we manage from our headquarters in Vejle, Denmark. This ensures speedy delivery when your organisation is ready to receive the solution.

JEVI is certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, and we make ambitious, targeted QA and environmental efforts throughout the supplier chain. We have years of experience from industries with strict documentation requirements, which enables us to meet your need to document the entire process.

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