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Self regulating Heating Cables
Self regulating Heating Cable

Self-regulating Heating Cables

Self-regulating heating cables are used for frost protection, etc. Typical potential uses include cold-water pipelines, sprinkler pipelines, heating pipes, drainage pipes, fuel-oil pipelines and degreasing systems.

The advantage of self-regulating heating cables is that the length can be adapted on site at installation. Also, that the power varies, thereby preventing overheating.

Our products include:

Cable type TRACECO, max. 65°C

Item no.TypePower
98600010TRACECO-1010W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600011TRACECO-2020W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600012TRACECO-3030W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600013TRACECO-4040W/m at 10ºC/230V

Cable type ESR-H BOT, maximum high temperature 120°C

Can be installed in areas with an explosion hazard when the cable is equipped with features such as a special termination kit.

Item no.TypePower
98600025ESR-H BOT-1010W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600026ESR-H BOT-1515W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600029ESR-H BOT-3030W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600030ESR-H BOT-4545W/m at 10ºC/230V
98600031ESR-H BOT-6060W/m at 10ºC/230V

Termination box

Item no.Description
98600110Ex d IIC T6, ELBA-5-E, dimensions 78 x 78 mm.
98600111Ex d IIC T6, ELBA-5-E, dimensions 124 x 124 mm.

Termination kit for Ex cable for box with 3/4" alu. anti-pressure cable

Item no.Description
98600300Ex d (for 98600110) ELSKR-1 d (for ESR cable)

Termination kit for Ex cable for box with M25 plastic screwing connection

Item no.Description
98600301Ex e (for 98600111) ELSKR-1 e (for ESR cable)

Termination kit for non-ATEX, for termination in box

Item no.Description
98600302ELKSR-1 (for ESR cable and TRACECO)

Termination kit for non-ATEX, for termination with connector cable

Item no.Description
98600307ELJL (for ESR cable and TRACECO)

Thermostat in box Ex ed IP65

Item no.Description
98600202ELTH X THERM, 1-pole, -20°C – +50°C, capillary tube, 1000 mm
98600204ELTH X THERM, 1-pole, 50°C – 300°C, capillary tube, 1000 mm

Assembly kit for TRACECO and for non-EX areas, IP54

Item no.Description
98600500DOMOCLICK, DHB-100, termination box for 1 cable
98600501DOMOCLICK, DHB-101, extension for 1 cable
98600502DOMOCLICK, DHB-102, termination box for 2 cables
98600504DOMOCLICK, DHB-104, termination box for 3 cables