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Since 1942, JEVI has been delivering custom-made heating elements and immersion heaters to the fast-food, industrial-kitchen, slaughterhouse and dairy industries where customers have chosen our solutions to heat their products.

When you do business with JEVI, you will encounter technically proficient employees who enter into dialogue with you and provide feedback about your needs. This ensures the best solution for the heating of water, food, liquids, etc., relating to the food production process.

We develop, manufacture and test your heating solution at our factory in Vejle, which enables us to provide you with a flexible process and short lead times. Our seasoned employees on the production line carefully manage your task, and their expertise is your guarantee of a high-quality product with a long service life.

If you need bulk deliveries or framework agreements to be guaranteed of the right delivery times, we can draw on our automated manufacturing facilities within our parent company, the NIBE Group.

Several of our solutions are certified for food production and meet traceability requirements.

Products for FoodTech