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At JEVI, we develop electrical heating solutions customised to meet your needs for the heating of gas, air or liquids in process systems. Our customers choose us to be their supplier whenever they need electrical heaters, flange heaters or immersion heaters which are individually adapted to their precise heating challenge.

JEVI’s cooperation in terms of feedback and mentoring – where we place our technical expertise and know-how at your disposal – ensures you the best solution possible. Our team of experienced employees are gathered at our headquarters in Vejle, Denmark, where we develop, manufacture and test your products. This enables us to provide you with a flexible development process, high-quality solutions and long service life of your investment.

We are certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 and have years of experience in working with documentation, standards and approvals. This guarantees you a supplier capable of meeting your needs for third-party certifications.

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