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HO Flow heater

HO Flow Heater

The HO Flow Heater is developed for purposes such as being installed in connection with boiler water, enabling the oil furnace to be switched off in periods when all that is needed the heating of water in the hot-water tank or in a few radiators.

The standard model is available from 3kW to 9kW/3 x 400V. The heater is made of sturdy boiler tubing and weathering (COR-TEN) steel, which is subsequently insulated.
The heating element is a standard immersion heater with a 2" RG, fitted with a type-H junction box (including a thermostat 30–85°C and thermal cut-out at 110°C).

Worth knowing:

  • The HO Flow Heater may not be in direct contact with water for domestic use.
  • The immersion heater must be totally immersed in water at all times.
  • It is advisable to descale the heater at regular intervals.
  • The HO Flow Heater must be installed in a vertical position with the junction box down.
  • There must be a flow through the heater when the heat is connected.