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Silicone heating cable

Silicone Heating Cables

Silicone heating cables are ideal in areas with both low and high ambient temperatures. There are multiple potential uses, such as walk-in freezer casing, casting moulds, trace heating of pipelines, overhead doors and as supplementary heat in a train compartment.

We manufacture silicone heating cables pursuant to your specifications and provide very short lead times. Please specify cable length, voltage, wattage and the length of the power supply line when you send your enquiry to us.

Useful information:

  • Maximum power: 40W/m, depending on the conditions.
  • Maximum cable temperature: 170°C.
  • Minimum ambient temperature: -70°C.
  • Minimum bending diameter: 15 mm.
  • The cable mustn’t come in contact with oil or animal fat.
  • It is not possible shorten the silicone heating cable yourself.