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Explosion proof fan heater VLEx

Explosion-proof Fan Heaters: VLEx

Our explosion-proof fan heaters, which are certified to IECEx and ATEX, are designed for permanent installation and are made of materials that can withstand the harsh impact at sea, on offshore installations, in warehouses and at large-scale manufacturing facilities with an explosion hazard.

Particularly suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • for heating air in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, marquis and containers
  • as a load resistor for testing generator systems, for instance
  • as a load resistor for dumping excess electricity from propellers, cranes, winches, top drives, etc.

VLEx comes in three different sizes (S, M and L) in both 50Hz and 60Hz.
Voltage from 3 x 380V/3 x 400V to 3 x 690V.

Cabinet, heating elements, wall bracket and control cabinet are made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316L.
D protection in cast aluminium The ingress protection class for the control cabinet is IP66 and IP55 for the ventilation unit.