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Control panel for duct heaters

Control panel for duct heaters

Also The Triac series is a part of JEVIs assortment - comprises modulating regulating devices for controlling of 230V or 400V electrical heaters and radiators. The Triac series has an integrated space sensor and temperature settings from 0–30ºC, which enables it to be placed inside the space whose temperature needs to be controlled. Other temperature ranges from 0–90ºC are available.

JEVI offers complete control systems for duct heaters, which include the following:

  • thyristor power control
  • graduated contactor control
  • PLC management and control
  • development of control systems
  • production
  • production, testing and quality control
  • documentation

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Overview of the Triac Serie:

Item no.          Description

Triac TTC 2000, regulating device for integration
3 x 230V: 1.2–10.0kW
3 x 400V: 2.0–17.2kW
For an external temperature sensor
For internal or external temperature setting
Alternative 0–10V DC control signal 


Printed circuit board TT-S1 for TTC 2000
For external contactor to regulate the same power as the regulating device


Triac Pulser (920). Regulating device, wall mounted
1 x 230V: 230–3600W
1 x 400V: 400–6400W
With 0–30ºC room sensor and temperature setting
It is possible to connect an external sensor and temperature setting


Room sensor and/or remote control, 0–30º
CTG-RA30 for TTC and Pulser 


Room sensor, 0–30º
CTG-K530 for TTC and Pulser 


Duct sensor, 0–30º
CTG-K330 for TTC and Pulser 


Duct sensor 20–50º
CTG-K330 for TTC and Pulser 


Duct sensor, 40–70º
CTG-K370 for TTC and Pulser 


Knob, 20–50ºC – for TTC 2000 (no. 3608) 


Knob, 40–70ºC – for TTC 2000 (no. 3609) 


Knob, 20–50ºC – for Pulser (no. 1588) 


Knob, 40–70ºC – for Pulser (no. 1589) 


Remote control for panel installation
0–30ºC, TBI-10 for TTC and Pulser 


Remote control for panel installation
20–50ºC, TBI-50 for TTC and Pulser