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Junction box for immersion heater
Junction box for immersion heater

Junction boxes for immersion heaters

Junction boxes (switch boxes) for immersion heaters are available in standard or custom-made models.

We stock a wide selection of standard models in galvanised steel or stainless steel.
See our standard range here Pdf, 1.3 MB, opens in new window..

In addition to our standard models, we can also deliver junction boxes with thermostats and thermal cut-out for temperatures other than those listed above in our standard range.

Please contact our technical sales reps for further details and guidance on tel.: +45 7583 0211 or please send your enquiry using the link on the left.

Useful information:
- Oval boxes with bracket and high cover can only be equipped with either a single-pole thermostat or thermal cut-out
(not both).
- Square boxes can be equipped with a 3-pole thermostat and/or a 3-pole thermal cut-out for direct
connection up to 3 x 400 V.
- For voltages above 3 x 400V, use a 1-pole thermostat and/or thermal cut-out for indirect
- Boxes equipped with a thermostat and external knob have an ingress protection class of IP22. If a higher IP class
is required, the box is available with internal setting.