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About JEVI

JEVI is a leading European supplier of electric heating solutions to markets in Denmark and abroad.

Since 1942, we have been preferred suppliers of companies in the following industries: marine, HVAC, oil & gas, process, foodtech, healthtech, wind, transport and industrial. We have achieved this status by developing and manufacturing their heating elements, because they know we guarantee innovative, high-quality solutions which minimise their downtime and maximise the service life of their investment.

With us, you get consultancy and feedback on your heating challenge, and we custom-make a solution to meet your needs. Our employees have the technical experience, knowledge and know-how to ensure high-quality development, manufacturing and testing of each individual solution. All our departments and manufacturing facilities are gathered at our headquarters in Vejle, Denmark, which enables us to be flexible during the development process, thus ensuring prompt delivery of components and ongoing product support.

The biggest supplier has your back

Our parent company, NIBE Group is one of the world’s suppliers of heating elements and has been supplying solutions to the manufacturing industry, etc., for more than sixty years. NIBE Group is listed the stock exchange and comprises NIBE Climate Solutions, NIBE Element and NIBE Stoves, – autonomous companies providing development, manufacturing and sales in their specific fields of business.

When you do business with JEVI, we can draw on the NIBE Group’s global manufacturing facilities. This enables us to provide alternative methods for the development and production of your order if you need a large volume of custom-made heating solutions.

Subsidiary in the Netherlands

Sinus JEVI is the Netherlands’ leading supplier of complex heating solutions for explosion-risk zones, and we have been part of JEVI since 2003. The company develops and produces large-scale electric heating solutions for a number of industries, such as the onshore, offshore, processing, food and construction industries.

Via our subsidiary, we can provide a wider product portfolio of heating solutions certified to ATEX and IECEx, which are custom-made for industries to meet the stringent requirements of their harsh environments.

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