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Fan heater VLE

Fan heaters, VLE

For fixed assembly and ideal for use in areas requiring high power. Its very sturdy construction makes it suitable for use where vibrations can occur. The fan heater is made of materials which can withstand harsh environments.

VLE fan heaters are particularly well-suited for the following:

  • air heating in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, marquis and containers
  • as a load resistor for testing generator systems, for instance
  • as a load resistor for dumping excess electricity from propellers, cranes, winches, top drives, etc.

We manufacture the fan heater in two different types of materials and recommend:

– stainless steel AISI 316L for offshore use and other harsh environments

– a cabinet of galvanised steel with a coated steel control panel, mainly for indoor use and non-corrosive areas such as onshore use, sports halls, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Available from 1 x 230V up to 3 x 690V (50–60Hz).

The power is divided into three steps: low, medium and full power. This provides a fan heater covering a wide power range. The fan unit provides air flow/circulation and heating for outdoor and indoor installations. VLE fan heaters have integrated controls with temperature control.