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Monostrips are a compressed heating element characterised by a triangular profile in which two heat coils are placed near the radiation surface. This gives a high degree of directional radiation of heat. The cold return circuit enables three different power connections for a given voltage.

Monostrips cannot be bent and the maximum length is 1500 mm.

We have a wide selection of standard models – please call us for further information about delivery times and custom-made designs.

Item no.VoltagePowerLength
28800985230V450W400 mm
28800993230V600W500 mm
28801009230V750W500 mm
28801017230V1000W650 mm
28801025230V1200W750 mm
28801033230V1500W925 mm
28801058400V1000W650 mm
28801066400V1200W750 mm
28801074400V1500W925 mm