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Immersion heater for sanitary environments

Immersion Heaters for Sanitary Environments

Sanitary immersion heaters are frequently used in the medical, food and process industries, where strict cleanliness requirements must be met in the utilisation process.

As they are being manufactured, it is crucial that the heating element and flange do not develop a scratched or rough surface. It must not be possible for dust or other type of dirt to collect on a heating element or flange. Our sanitary immersion heaters are manufactured with only a flange for a clamp connection and they are electropolished before delivery to make the heating element as smooth as possible.

JEVI’s sanitary immersion heaters come with a roughness grade that is equal to or less than 0.8 mµ. Welds and the first 200 mm of the heating element will have a higher roughness grade, however.

Sanitary immersion heaters are not available with built-in thermostat, but it is possible to install a PT100 sensor in the immersion pocket.

A materials and welding certificate accompanies the delivery of sanitary immersion heaters.