Duct Heaters

The different types of duct heaters:


Duct heater for air-heating systems, including surplus heat for heat recovery systems in homes or otherwise in connection with air duct systems.

The duct section is a round, hot-dip galvanised steel tube with rubber sealing rings at both ends. The junction box is made of electrogalvanised steel mounted with M20 cable glands (IP44). The heating elements are made of AISI 304 (stainless steel). In the junction box, there is an integrated 1-pole thermal limiter (30–87ºC) with automatic re-energisation, as well as manual reset (125ºC).



Electric heating surface designed for flange mounting in a square duct as part of air conditioning, heat recovery and/or ventilation systems. The duct part is made of hot-dip galvanised steel, the junction box is integrated into the duct part and has an ingress protection rating of IP22.

A thermal limiter with automatic reset and a fire thermostat with manual reset are integrated in the heater. The heating surface is divided into groups (3 or 4), depending on the power.



Special design of rectangular duct heater for purposes such as ventilation systems and process systems.

The duct section can be made of different materials as preferred – choose between hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel. The junction box can be made to comply with different ingress protection classes from IP22 to IP66. The heating elements are made of different grades of stainless steel adapted to your task. For high-temperature surfaces (max. 800ºC), INC800 or INC600 is used as the sheath material.



The same as EFF, but for round ducts.



The same as EFF, but with air flow between the junction box and duct section.
For use at duct temperatures above 70ºC.



Insertion heater designed for installation in existing ducts of air conditioning, heat recover systems and ventilation systems in which the heating element can be removed without dismantling the duct section.

The junction box is equipped with a mounting board compliant with ingress protection classes from IP22 to IP66.

A thermal limiter with automatic reset and a fire thermostat with manual reset are integrated in the heater.


Heating elements for air handling units (AHU)

Fully customised solutions: all grades of material for duct, junction box and heating elements are possible. Voltage from 220V to 690V. Ingress protection from IP22 to IP66. We manufacture and deliver pursuant to ATEX, IECEx, EAC and more. 

Please contact our technical sales reps to discuss your options on tel.: +45 7583 0211 or send an e-mail (use the link on the left).


Download a product information sheet showing our standard product range and custom-made options herePDF

Electric duct heaters and radiators must be connected to temperature control (see controlling duct heaters and radiators)PDF



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