Flange heater
Flange heater med beholder

Flange Heater

JEVI recommends flange heaters if you need a compact product to quickly transfer the preferred power to the medium selected. These media can be water, air or oil.

Flange heaters are frequently used in the process industry, the petrochemical industry and the maritime industry.

The heating elements come in direct contact with the medium, which is why it is crucial to choose the best-suited material for sheath and flange. Flange heaters can be manufactured with or without an intermediate tube section, as well as with or without a container.

At JEVI, you get advice and feedback. Based on our standard product range, it is possible for us to provide flange heaters with a relative short lead time. We are also ready to deliver custom-made solutions (e.g. Ex design) to meet your needs.

These may be placed in Safe and Ex areas (ATEX/IECEx), depending on the construction.

See our product information sheet and standard range herePDF



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